Birth Control Pills: Pros and Cons

Birth Control Pills: Pros and Cons

How do Birth Control Pills Work?

Contraceptive pills contain a combination of female sex hormones (which is why sometimes they are called combined oral contraceptives or COCs). Daily intake of these hormones changes work of the ovaries, preventing maturation of the follicle and release of the egg. Ovulation does not occur, and pregnancy becomes impossible.

In addition, birth control pills thicken the mucus in the cervical canal, because of which spermatozoa can not enter uterus and fertilize the egg.

Even if ovulation has occurred, the spermatozoon has penetrated into the fallopian tube and fertilized the egg, the embryo can not attach itself to the uterine cavity, due to the fact that uterine mucosa becomes very thin on the background of taking contraceptive pills.

Who can Take Birth Control Pills (COCs)?

OC in our time are not only a method of preventing unwanted pregnancies, but also a means of treating many female diseases. Therefore sometimes contraceptive pills are prescribed even to girls who do not have sexual life.

There are more than 50 types of contraceptive pills, designed for women of any age. That is why taking these pills is safe at almost any age.

The most popular nowadays are considered Birth Control Alesse, as they have less side effects and contraindications and women of various ages can take it. Find more about this Canadian Health and Care Mall means here —

Who can not Take Birth Control Pills?

Like any other medicine, birth control pills have contraindications for use. For example, hormone pills can not be taken by women who have (or had) thrombosis of veins, with severe liver and kidney diseases, and also women over 35 years of age. Taking these pills is also prohibited for pregnant women.birth control pills cons and pros

Pros of Contraceptive Pills

  1. Contraceptive pills have many advantages over other methods of protection from pregnancy.
  2. A very reliable method of contraception: most contraceptive pills guarantee protection from pregnancy in more than 99% of cases.
  3. Suitable for girls and women of almost any age, although for each age group there are «their own» birth control pills.
  4. Normalize hormonal background and reduce risk of ovarian cancer, endometriosis, ovarian cysts.
  5. Make menstrual cycle regular, if earlier menstruation came with delays, or appeared several times a month.
  6. Reduce abdominal pains during menstruation.
  7. Reduce manifestation of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  8. On the background of taking COCs, menstruation becomes less abundant and lasts fewer days.
  9. If you take birth control pills, then you have opportunity to delay unwanted menstruation (for example, if you are going on vacation).
  10. Have therapeutic effect in mastopathy.
  11. If you decide to plan a pregnancy, then after completing COC reception chances of conceiving a child are much higher.
  12. All effects of birth control pills disappear immediately after they are canceled.

Cons of Contraceptive Pills

  1. Of course, birth control pills are not without minuses and not always suitable for everyone
  2. Contraceptive pills do not give 100% guarantee that you will not become pregnant: even the best quality COC can have «misfires».
  3. Contraceptive pills must be taken every day: skipping even one pill can lead to a decrease in the effect and onset of pregnancy.
  4. When taking certain medications (for example, antibiotics), contraceptive effect may decrease.
  5. The first time after you start taking COCs, you may have spotting in the middle of menstrual cycle.
  6. Contraceptive pills can increase appetite and delay water in the body: if you do not want to gain weight on the background of COC, then you need to monitor nutrition and lead healthy lifestyle.
  7. Contraceptive pills can cause hair loss.
  8. After withdrawal of birth control pills, some women observe disruption of menstrual cycle (although, it is worth saying that this is more an exception than a rule).
  9. Contraceptive pills, like any other medicine, are not devoid of side effects: swelling of breasts, increased blood pressure, headaches, bloating, etc. Before you start taking OC, you need to consult a gynecologist.


Disputes of ordinary women around contraceptive pills, probably, will not cease soon: too many of those who consider any hormones an absolute evil. Of course, this is not so, and millions of women around the world are successfully taking OCs for many years. Nevertheless, it should be understood that this is primarily a medicine — Canadian Health and Care Mall recommends not to start taking pills without consulting a doctor, and taking COCs you must strictly follow the rules of admission.

If you treat your health with all responsibility, then OC can become your companion for many years.

Which Type of Viagra to Choose?

Which Type of Viagra to Choose?

When you face erectile dysfunction, in the pharmacy can get lost in the abundance of drugs that promise to help in the fight against this ailment. But men’s health has always been a delicate issue. All men who have ever faced this will unanimously say that there can be nothing better than the drug tested for years and in different situations.

Such reliable drugs include Viagra. This name is familiar to everyone, regardless of whether you took it or just heard from relatives and friends, Viagra is associated with only positive results.

There are, of course, disadvantages and contraindications, but having read the instructions carefully, or having consulted a doctor for advice, you will receive an exceptionally positive result. Fortunately for men, thanks to minds of developers and pharmacists, to date there is far more than one kind of this pharmaceutical product. You can find the most convenient means for yourself. Viagra can now be purchased in the form of pills, jelly capsules, soft pills and gel. Everyone met Viagra pills directly or indirectly. This means can already be rightfully called classics.

Viagra in Capsules

This type of drug in its effect is practically no different from classical Viagra. Miracle-capsules strengthen erection. This is due to an increase in blood flow to penis. Canadian Health and Care Mall ( would like to immediately dispel myth and say that erection comes as a result of sexual stimulation, it means that penis is not for several hours, i.e. while the drug acts, is in tension.

And by the natural completion of sexual intercourse, male penis takes a relaxed state, which, if desired, can again be brought into activity, also by natural manipulation. Due to the fact that the drug has been improved and it can now be purchased in jelly capsules, its administration has become much easier. When buying this drug, pay attention to its originality. Original jelly capsules have blue color, and in the blister there must be 10 capsules.

Encapsulated Viagra should be taken only 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. That is, it is not necessary to plan a romantic evening in advance, you can afford to be spontaneous when it will be necessary. In addition, eating does not affect the result, but you should abstain from alcohol, since in some people nothing, of course, will change in the action of the drug, while in others the date may be spoiled, even is having taken a very small dose of alcohol.

Which Viagra to choose

Viagra Gel

The work of pharmacists on improving formula of Viagra does not stop, there are many efforts taken to improve the formula of already beloved by millions of men drug. Not so long ago Viagra Gel was presented on the market.

It is suitable for those who are not used to planning their life to the smallest detail and intimacy with a partner can arise at any moment. In contrast to other kinds of Viagra, Viagra Gel normally interacts with alcohol. This gel is a very convenient form for taking such a high-performance substance that relieves men of different ages from having problems with erection. Men who have tried the cherished remedy, choose it not because old, good pills have no effect any more, but because the gel has many more benefits. Starting from lack of need to take Viagra Gel with water to a very fast action. The gel begins its action much faster because it enters bloodstream much faster than classical pills or capsules. Therefore, you can feel the miracle of the gel in full after some 10 — 15 minutes after taking the remedy.

To receive this remedy, you will not need a glass of water. You just need to tear the soft package with the gel, squeeze the contents into your mouth and hold the drug in your mouth until it dissolves completely. After that, Viagra should be swallowed. No difficulties in taking the drug should arise. In addition, to the delight of consumers, pharmacists have made this means with different flavors. There are even, the so-called, week-packages, which include gel portions for each day with different fruit flavors.

Viagra Soft

Like other types of the drug, Viagra Soft is a high-quality drug of rapid action, designed to combat erectile dysfunction. In contrast to conventional pills, capsules and gel, these pills dissolve completely under the tongue.

In the absence of contraindications, this drug can be combined even with fatty foods and a small amount of alcohol. Soft pills begin to act much faster than classic pills of Viagra. In addition, Viagra Soft has no familiar and already bored taste of medicines. Soft pills have a light, pleasant taste, which simplifies their reception and makes it more pleasant. Viagra Soft starts to act only if there is sexual excitation.

The action of all types of Viagra usually lasts up to six hours. Despite the fact that there are standard indications for use for individual types of Viagra, before taking the drug Canadian Health and Care Mall advises to consult a doctor for individual advice. And only after consultation with a doctor you can start taking capsules.

Despite the fact that Viagra in pills, capsules, in the form of gel and Viagra Soft have their own characteristics, they have common contraindications and side effects.


  • liver diseases;
  • disturbed blood pressure;
  • renal insufficiency;
  • cardiac insufficiency;
  • arrhythmia;
  • violation of the shape of penis;
  • allergic reactions and intolerance of drug components.

Side effects:

  • headache and dizziness;
  • facial redness and allergic skin rash;
  • stomach upset;
  • nasal congestion.

If any side effect occurs, which will last for more than four hours, you should immediately seek help from the hospital.

Violation of Potency when Taking Drugs

Violation of Potency when Taking Drugs

The main health problem of many developed countries is drugs. Its existence is conditioned by the fact that the number of people using such substances as cocaine, heroin, morphine, marijuana and others is very great, and it is unrealistic to inform each of them about harm they are causing to their own health. Almost every sane person knows that any narcotic substances have harmful effect on living organism, but not every man thinks about it. Family Healthcare Pharmacy decided to tell readers about detrimental effect of narcotics of male potency.

Harm of Narcotic Drugs doesn’t Depend on their Type

Drugs differ in action and effectiveness, but each of them can cause irreparable effects on hearing, vestibular apparatus, vision, psyche, potency.

To date, there are not only drugs used in injection form, but also those that enter human body in the form of pills or through inhalation and smoking. Injecting drugs (morphine, heroin) development of a disease such as toxic polyneuropathy usually appear, which affects nervous system, which is very dangerous for any person.

narcotics and erection

Effect of Drugs on Potency

According to Canadian Health&Care Mall research —, it turns out that narcotic substances are capable of completely inhibiting erection. But this process happens in unusual way. For example, using cocaine, at the very beginning, sexual attraction of a man increases, but eventually leading normal sexual life becomes impossible. As for deceptive sensation of sexual upsurge in the beginning of use of these substances, such increase in male power is also quite dangerous. After being in deceptive rush of strength, a man becomes obsessed with promiscuous sexual activity, and this entails danger of infection with gonorrhea, syphilis and AIDS.

Very often, drug addicts encounter such phenomenon as depression that occurs in breaks between doses and leads to versatile mental disorders, and they, in turn, can cause erectile dysfunction. And, use of drugs threatens with violation of hormonal balance and marked decrease in blood hormone testosterone, which is very important for every man, and in addition, drugs damage chromosomes and can cause gene mutations. It is also worth noting that in organism poisoned with narcotic substances, viral hepatitis develops many times faster, from which male potency may also suffer.


Now everyone who has read this article has learned that drugs and potency are incompatible things, and taking drugs can lead to such undesirable result as erectile dysfunction. And the reason is not only physiological impact on human body, but also mental disorders that are caused by drug abuse. As soon as a man becomes addicted to drugs, he more and more often fails in sexual life and destroys not only his personal life, but also others, close and loving people. Denton Family Healthcare reminds, that it is extremely difficult to stop this disastrous process, therefore, before you reach out to the drug, think about whether it is worth it. It is much more pleasant to enjoy normal sexual life and hear loud laughter of your healthy children.

Impotence at Young Age: Its Development Cause

Impotence at Young Age: Its Development Cause

It’s no secret that male power is one of the most important values in man’s life and can be both matter of his pride and cause of considerable anxiety and even suffering. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is often found in young and seemingly absolutely healthy men. Yes what to hide, early impotence became the real problem of modern man.

Canadian Health and Care Mall — should note that not every man, faced with a similar problem, immediately searches for professional help. You can understand this — one does not want to admit one’s own impotence, and so many people interpret problems with erection. But if you neglect contrived conventions and promptly identify disease’s cause, then treatment will be faster and much more successful.

What is Early Impotence and What Causes it?

Impotence is considered to be inability to achieve erection, or inability to maintain it during sexual intercourse. It’s not about one-time failures. But if such «misfires» are repeated more often, there is every reason to seriously think about state of their health. With early impotence, regular morning erection is also possible. Often, there is no problem with masturbation. However, there is no need to talk about a full sexual life.

Causes of erectile dysfunction are conventionally divided into:

  1. psychological;
  2. physiological.Erectile Dysfunction

By the way, overwhelming majority of cases of early impotence are caused precisely by grounds of psychosomatic nature:

  • stress;
  • lack of sleep;
  • nervous overstrain;
  • chronic fatigue.

Impotence — Half the Trouble if it is Symptom of another Disease

However, it happens that impotence is alarming symptom of a serious disease.

It can be:

  • diseases of cardiovascular system and hemopoietic organs;
  • some infectious diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • thyroid diseases;
  • genital organs diseases;
  • brain tumor.

Postponed trauma of spine and hip joint often causes sexual impotence.

Healthy Lifestyle is Guarantee of Good Potency

A great influence on potency has a way of living and nutrition. A healthy lifestyle, morning jogging or other moderate, but regular exercise, contrast shower, balanced diet, vitamins — all these, of course, are very favorable for both general well-being and potency in particular. While alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs, fatty foods, sedentary lifestyle depress erectile function.

Early impotence can also be consequence of certain factors associated with the professional activities of men:

  • irregular working day;
  • hypothermia;
  • overheating;
  • constant vibration.

Reverse Side of Sexual «Defeats»

For lovers to surprise a partner with their records in sex, you also need to be on the alert. Many hours of «marathons» exhaust body. A too zealous effort to maximize sexual intercourse, for a long time restraining ejaculation, can also subsequently cause erectile dysfunction as denton family healthcare points out.

Problems with Potency — Immediately to Specialist!

For any man, impotence, no matter what causes it, is the greatest stress, resulting in depressed state and internal discomfort, which can easily turn into a real depression, discord in your personal life, decrease in vitality and general deterioration in your physical well-being.

An experienced specialist will always be able to diagnose true cause of early impotence, determine whether innervation of penis is not broken, whether sexual dysfunction is concomitant sign of another disease, it is important to be completely frank with the doctor. In no case you do not need to keep silent about anything. Any, even the slightest changes, for example, skin, voice, genital size, which may seem insignificant, doctor will say a lot.

How Insufficient Sleep Affects Potency

How Insufficient Sleep Affects Potency

It’s nice to go to bed after a hard day and dinner and sleep soundly. Sleep is vital for our body for recreation, it allows us to process information received during the day and accumulate strength for the next work. Few people know, maybe even do not guess, but dream and potency in men are closely related. Canadian Health and Care Mall — — will try to find out how insufficient sleep affects potency.

Use of Sleep for Person

But from scientific point of view, such connection does not look strange or unusual, as being in a state of sleep makes body healthier. Always, when a person is sick, the doctor recommends observing bed rest, taking different medications, drinking tea and necessarily sleep more.

Sleep gives us unique opportunity to strengthen immune system, calm down, relax. But what is the effect of sleep on potency? This truly unique state of our body does not consist in complete inaction.

Some people may erroneously believe that if a person is sleeping, nothing important is going on in his body. In other words, it may be a wrong opinion that sleep is only needed for rest and nothing more.

This is fundamentally wrong conception. So, according to Family Healthcare Pharmacy research during sleep in our body there are such changes as:

  • level of heart rhythm decreases;
  • blood circulation slows down;
  • breathing becomes slow and deep;
  • work of liver and kidneys slows down;
  • body temperature drops by 1 degree;
  • inability to feel absolutely any smells (that’s why carbon monoxide can cause death in a dream, brain does not feel it at all);
  • almost all muscle groups are relaxed, including pharyngeal muscles, which leads to snoring;
  • the greatest concentration of growth hormone in the body occurs;
  • restorative processes occur in tissues;
  • body can more easily and quickly overcome infection (the reason why doctors recommend to sleep more during illness);
  • new cells are formed;
  • in large quantities sex hormones are produced.

sleep and potency

Sleep and Potency in Men — How are They Related?

The last item on the list allows to say with confidence that it is during sleep that concentration of sex hormones in the body reaches its maximum. So, waking up at night or in the morning a man can experience erection.

During sleep there are so many such substances in our body that erection occurs even in young children. Sleep is not a homogeneous state, there are several phases. There is a slow and fast phase of sleep, and it is in the fast phase that testosterone (the main sex hormone of man) is produced in large quantities.

Therefore, you can make a very simple, but extremely important conclusion — lack of sleep just does not give normal opportunity for development of sex hormones. Or they will be produced, but only in much smaller quantities.

In general, lack of sleep negatively affects not only potency, a person becomes irritable due to incomplete recovery of nervous system, work of heart is disrupted. Canadian Health&Care Mall warns that without proper amount of time for sleep, we will very quickly have disruption in the work of all (!) organs and systems.

So for sleep to help us to maintain high level of potency, it is necessary to achieve fulfillment of three important conditions:

  • necessary duration of sleep;
  • conditions for night rest;
  • correct position of the body.

In the course of Canadian Health Mall research it is proved that 7 — 8 hours of sleep is enough for a complete restoration of strength and energy. In addition, you should ensure normal conditions in the house to wake up feeling cheerful.

Best of all, sex hormones are produced when a person sleeps in absolute silence and in as dark room as possible. If possible, use curtains, blinds or a mask for sleeping. The less light there is, the deeper the sleep will be and much more testosterone will be produced.

What Postures for Sleep Raise Potency

And, finally, position of the body of a sleeping person is important, it also affects level of libido. To make level of sex hormones as high as possible, scientists advise to sleep on the back, the pillow should be at a low level.

Harmful for sexual desire are recognized positions for sleep on the stomach and posture, in which head is located on a high pillow. If you sleep on your stomach, then there will be deformation of the bladder: this eventually leads to violation of normal blood circulation in genitals.

And in case of a high position of the head on the pillow, blood supply to brain is impaired, which worsens production of hormones, including sex hormones. Therefore, sleeping on your back is the best way to preserve such important component of our health as potency.

Online Pharmacy – Step in Future

Online Pharmacy – Step in Future

Many people appreciated opportunity to acquire things they need for themselves without leaving home and not even getting up from computer, although only recently, science fiction writers could suggest this development. Canadian Health&Care Mall is one of such online pharmacies, promoting online pharmacies along with the world wide web.

Local online pharmacy is online trade industry that has been developing rapidly in the last few years. It can be explained not only by convenience, but also by specifics associated with pharmacy products. In conventional pharmacies, especially taking into account such a phenomenon as queues, pharmacist can not always give enough attention to each visitor and his needs.

Online pharmacies are deprived of queues, family healthcare pharmacy provides people with opportunity to order drugs fast and convenient. The opportunity to calmly and slowly choose goods, read instructions, get recommendations if necessary, without bustle and in vain spent nerves: Denton family healthcare online pharmacy allows you to do it easily.

Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacies Convenience

The undoubted advantage of online pharmacy is that it operates around the clock and courier delivery in most pharmacies is also carried out 24 hours a day, which can be very important in many cases.

One can not but note variety of possible methods of payment:

  • bank cards;
  • e-wallet;
  • cash.

Many people are skeptical about online pharmacies, fearing that buying them increases risk of buying low-quality medicines. And their fears can be understood, since it is difficult to underestimate importance of health. But this skepticism can be dispelled by the fact that activities of online pharmacies including Denton health care pharmacy are licensed in the same way as activities of conventional pharmacies. Accordingly, chance of acquiring low-quality medicines does not increase.

Another important advantage is range of assortment, which, as a rule, is wider than in the average traditional pharmacy. In addition, here you can see if there is necessary product available, which often, will not be possible to find out without visiting it.

Assortment: Not only Drugs

In addition to drugs in pharmacy, you can buy a variety of related products: from bactericidal adhesive tape to tonometers. By the way, tonometer, like adhesive plaster, is thing that should be at home not only for doctors, but also for people who care about their health.

You may also order skin care products and even products for pets. You may find everything you need on our website — family healthcare pharmacy – You may right now place an order and we will process it as fast as possible. You will get your parcel in accordance with delivery terms.

Diseases of Heart and Blood Vessels: Main Signs and First Symptoms

Diseases of cardiovascular system begin with the feeling that «something is wrong». Swelling, sweating, fatigue and cough are symptoms not everyone is paying attention to, whereas they can help to prevent vascular accident.

Cardiovascular diseases have a lot of precursors and the earliest symptoms, many of which can easily be confused with signs of other diseases. If you feel or notice at least one of symptoms listed below, Canadian Health and Care Mall recommends you not to panic, but also not ignore these warning signs — it’s important to go to doctor in time, because cardiovascular diseases can really be avoided with the help of proper prevention.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Early Symptoms of Cardiovascular Diseases


Usually cough speaks of colds and flu, but in case of heart problems — expectorants do not help. Especially you should be alerted if dry cough appears in lying position.

Weakness and Pallor

Functional disorders of nervous system — absent-mindedness, increased fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, limb tremor are frequent signs of heart neurosis.

Pallor is usually observed at anemia, spasm of blood vessels, inflammatory damage of heart at rheumatism, insufficiency of aortic valves. At severe forms of cardiopulmonary failure color of lips, cheeks, nose, earlobes and extremities changes, visually turns blue.

Temperature Increase

Inflammatory processes (myocarditis, pericarditis, endocarditis) and myocardial infarction are accompanied by high body temperature, sometimes even fever.

Blood Pressure

According to Canadian Health&Care Mall research, 40 thousand of people die each year because of hemorrhage in brain on the background of high blood pressure. At the same time, if you observe rules of controlling blood pressure and do not provoke its increase, you can avoid not only feeling unwell, but also more serious problems.

Steady rise in blood pressure above 140/90 is a serious reason for anxiety and suspicion of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Too rare (less than 50 beats per minute), frequent (more than 90-100 beats per minute) or irregular pulse should also warn you, such deviations may indicate ischemic heart disease, impaired cardiac conduction system and regulation of cardiac activity.


Strong swelling, especially at the end of the day, can occur due to abundance of salty foods, kidney problems, including cardiac insufficiency. This happens because heart can not cope with pumping of blood, it accumulates in lower limbs, causing edema.

Dizziness and Motion Sickness in Transport

Canadian Pharmacy Mall notes that the first symptom of impending stroke may be frequent dizziness, but it is also a manifestation of the disease of middle ear and visual analyzer.

Headache, especially throbbing, and feeling of nausea — may indicate increase in blood pressure.


Feeling of lack of air, strong shortness of breath are symptoms that can indicate cardiac angina and insufficiency. Sometimes there is asthmatic variant of myocardial infarction, accompanied by sensation of suffocation. Only specialist can distinguish disease of lungs from cardiac dyspnea.

Nausea and Vomiting

Vascular complications are very easy to confuse with gastritis or exacerbation of ulcers, symptoms of which are nausea and vomiting. The fact is that lower part of heart is located close to stomach, so symptoms can be deceptive and even resemble food poisoning.

Osteochondrosis-Like Pain

Pain between shoulder blades, in the neck, left arm, shoulder, wrist, even in jaw can be a sure sign not only of osteochondrosis or myositis, but also heart problems.

Symptom of cardiac angina may be appearance of such symptoms after physical exertion or emotional shocks. If pain occurs even during rest and after application of special cardiac drugs — such symptom may indicate approach of heart attack.

Chest Pain

Feeling of burning and squeezing, obvious, dull, strong or periodic pain, spasm — all these sensations in the chest are the most sure obvious of cardiac problems. In case of spasm of coronary vessels, pain is burning and sharp, which is a sign of cardiac angina, which often occurs even at rest, for example at night. Attack of cardiac angina is forerunner of myocardial infarction and ischemic heart disease (IHD).

Strong prolonged pain behind sternum, radiating in shoulder, neck and back is characteristic of developing myocardial infarction. Pain in the chest with myocardial infarction is extremely strong, up to loss of consciousness. By the way, one of the most common causes of myocardial infarction is coronary artery atherosclerosis.

Pain in the chest, radiating in back, neck, pelvic area is a symptom of aneurism or aortic dissection.

Dull and wavy pain in heart area, which does not spread to other areas of the body, on the background of rise in temperature indicates development of pericarditis.

However, acute chest pain can also indicates other diseases, for example, be a symptom of intercostal neuralgia, shingles, radiculitis in the neck or chest, spontaneous pneumothorax or spasm of esophagus.

Strong Heartbeat

Strong palpitation can occur at increased physical exertion, as a result of emotional excitement of a person or because of overeating. But strong palpitation very often is an early forerunner of diseases of cardiovascular system.

Heart Diseases Prevention

Strong palpitation is manifested as a feeling of failure in work of heart, it seems that heart almost «jumps out» from chest or freezes. Attacks may be accompanied by weakness, discomfort in heart, fainting.

Such symptoms can speak of tachycardia, cardiac angina, cardiac insufficiency, impaired blood supply to organs.

If you have at least one of these symptoms, Canadian Healthcare Mall strongly advises not to delay contacting your doctor and undergoing examination that will reveal true causes of cardiovascular diseses. One of the most effective methods of treating any disease is its early diagnosis and timely prevention.