How Insufficient Sleep Affects Potency

How Insufficient Sleep Affects Potency

It’s nice to go to bed after a hard day and dinner and sleep soundly. Sleep is vital for our body for recreation, it allows us to process information received during the day and accumulate strength for the next work. Few people know, maybe even do not guess, but dream and potency in men are closely related. Canadian Health and Care Mall — — will try to find out how insufficient sleep affects potency.

Use of Sleep for Person

But from scientific point of view, such connection does not look strange or unusual, as being in a state of sleep makes body healthier. Always, when a person is sick, the doctor recommends observing bed rest, taking different medications, drinking tea and necessarily sleep more.

Sleep gives us unique opportunity to strengthen immune system, calm down, relax. But what is the effect of sleep on potency? This truly unique state of our body does not consist in complete inaction.

Some people may erroneously believe that if a person is sleeping, nothing important is going on in his body. In other words, it may be a wrong opinion that sleep is only needed for rest and nothing more.

This is fundamentally wrong conception. So, according to Family Healthcare Pharmacy research during sleep in our body there are such changes as:

  • level of heart rhythm decreases;
  • blood circulation slows down;
  • breathing becomes slow and deep;
  • work of liver and kidneys slows down;
  • body temperature drops by 1 degree;
  • inability to feel absolutely any smells (that’s why carbon monoxide can cause death in a dream, brain does not feel it at all);
  • almost all muscle groups are relaxed, including pharyngeal muscles, which leads to snoring;
  • the greatest concentration of growth hormone in the body occurs;
  • restorative processes occur in tissues;
  • body can more easily and quickly overcome infection (the reason why doctors recommend to sleep more during illness);
  • new cells are formed;
  • in large quantities sex hormones are produced.

sleep and potency

Sleep and Potency in Men — How are They Related?

The last item on the list allows to say with confidence that it is during sleep that concentration of sex hormones in the body reaches its maximum. So, waking up at night or in the morning a man can experience erection.

During sleep there are so many such substances in our body that erection occurs even in young children. Sleep is not a homogeneous state, there are several phases. There is a slow and fast phase of sleep, and it is in the fast phase that testosterone (the main sex hormone of man) is produced in large quantities.

Therefore, you can make a very simple, but extremely important conclusion — lack of sleep just does not give normal opportunity for development of sex hormones. Or they will be produced, but only in much smaller quantities.

In general, lack of sleep negatively affects not only potency, a person becomes irritable due to incomplete recovery of nervous system, work of heart is disrupted. Canadian Health&Care Mall warns that without proper amount of time for sleep, we will very quickly have disruption in the work of all (!) organs and systems.

So for sleep to help us to maintain high level of potency, it is necessary to achieve fulfillment of three important conditions:

  • necessary duration of sleep;
  • conditions for night rest;
  • correct position of the body.

In the course of Canadian Health Mall research it is proved that 7 — 8 hours of sleep is enough for a complete restoration of strength and energy. In addition, you should ensure normal conditions in the house to wake up feeling cheerful.

Best of all, sex hormones are produced when a person sleeps in absolute silence and in as dark room as possible. If possible, use curtains, blinds or a mask for sleeping. The less light there is, the deeper the sleep will be and much more testosterone will be produced.

What Postures for Sleep Raise Potency

And, finally, position of the body of a sleeping person is important, it also affects level of libido. To make level of sex hormones as high as possible, scientists advise to sleep on the back, the pillow should be at a low level.

Harmful for sexual desire are recognized positions for sleep on the stomach and posture, in which head is located on a high pillow. If you sleep on your stomach, then there will be deformation of the bladder: this eventually leads to violation of normal blood circulation in genitals.

And in case of a high position of the head on the pillow, blood supply to brain is impaired, which worsens production of hormones, including sex hormones. Therefore, sleeping on your back is the best way to preserve such important component of our health as potency.

Online Pharmacy – Step in Future

Online Pharmacy – Step in Future

Many people appreciated opportunity to acquire things they need for themselves without leaving home and not even getting up from computer, although only recently, science fiction writers could suggest this development. Canadian Health&Care Mall is one of such online pharmacies, promoting online pharmacies along with the world wide web.

Local online pharmacy is online trade industry that has been developing rapidly in the last few years. It can be explained not only by convenience, but also by specifics associated with pharmacy products. In conventional pharmacies, especially taking into account such a phenomenon as queues, pharmacist can not always give enough attention to each visitor and his needs.

Online pharmacies are deprived of queues, family healthcare pharmacy provides people with opportunity to order drugs fast and convenient. The opportunity to calmly and slowly choose goods, read instructions, get recommendations if necessary, without bustle and in vain spent nerves: Denton family healthcare online pharmacy allows you to do it easily.

Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacies Convenience

The undoubted advantage of online pharmacy is that it operates around the clock and courier delivery in most pharmacies is also carried out 24 hours a day, which can be very important in many cases.

One can not but note variety of possible methods of payment:

  • bank cards;
  • e-wallet;
  • cash.

Many people are skeptical about online pharmacies, fearing that buying them increases risk of buying low-quality medicines. And their fears can be understood, since it is difficult to underestimate importance of health. But this skepticism can be dispelled by the fact that activities of online pharmacies including Denton health care pharmacy are licensed in the same way as activities of conventional pharmacies. Accordingly, chance of acquiring low-quality medicines does not increase.

Another important advantage is range of assortment, which, as a rule, is wider than in the average traditional pharmacy. In addition, here you can see if there is necessary product available, which often, will not be possible to find out without visiting it.

Assortment: Not only Drugs

In addition to drugs in pharmacy, you can buy a variety of related products: from bactericidal adhesive tape to tonometers. By the way, tonometer, like adhesive plaster, is thing that should be at home not only for doctors, but also for people who care about their health.

You may also order skin care products and even products for pets. You may find everything you need on our website — family healthcare pharmacy – You may right now place an order and we will process it as fast as possible. You will get your parcel in accordance with delivery terms.

Diseases of Heart and Blood Vessels: Main Signs and First Symptoms

Diseases of cardiovascular system begin with the feeling that «something is wrong». Swelling, sweating, fatigue and cough are symptoms not everyone is paying attention to, whereas they can help to prevent vascular accident.

Cardiovascular diseases have a lot of precursors and the earliest symptoms, many of which can easily be confused with signs of other diseases. If you feel or notice at least one of symptoms listed below, Canadian Health and Care Mall recommends you not to panic, but also not ignore these warning signs — it’s important to go to doctor in time, because cardiovascular diseases can really be avoided with the help of proper prevention.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Early Symptoms of Cardiovascular Diseases


Usually cough speaks of colds and flu, but in case of heart problems — expectorants do not help. Especially you should be alerted if dry cough appears in lying position.

Weakness and Pallor

Functional disorders of nervous system — absent-mindedness, increased fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, limb tremor are frequent signs of heart neurosis.

Pallor is usually observed at anemia, spasm of blood vessels, inflammatory damage of heart at rheumatism, insufficiency of aortic valves. At severe forms of cardiopulmonary failure color of lips, cheeks, nose, earlobes and extremities changes, visually turns blue.

Temperature Increase

Inflammatory processes (myocarditis, pericarditis, endocarditis) and myocardial infarction are accompanied by high body temperature, sometimes even fever.

Blood Pressure

According to Canadian Health&Care Mall research, 40 thousand of people die each year because of hemorrhage in brain on the background of high blood pressure. At the same time, if you observe rules of controlling blood pressure and do not provoke its increase, you can avoid not only feeling unwell, but also more serious problems.

Steady rise in blood pressure above 140/90 is a serious reason for anxiety and suspicion of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Too rare (less than 50 beats per minute), frequent (more than 90-100 beats per minute) or irregular pulse should also warn you, such deviations may indicate ischemic heart disease, impaired cardiac conduction system and regulation of cardiac activity.


Strong swelling, especially at the end of the day, can occur due to abundance of salty foods, kidney problems, including cardiac insufficiency. This happens because heart can not cope with pumping of blood, it accumulates in lower limbs, causing edema.

Dizziness and Motion Sickness in Transport

Canadian Pharmacy Mall notes that the first symptom of impending stroke may be frequent dizziness, but it is also a manifestation of the disease of middle ear and visual analyzer.

Headache, especially throbbing, and feeling of nausea — may indicate increase in blood pressure.


Feeling of lack of air, strong shortness of breath are symptoms that can indicate cardiac angina and insufficiency. Sometimes there is asthmatic variant of myocardial infarction, accompanied by sensation of suffocation. Only specialist can distinguish disease of lungs from cardiac dyspnea.

Nausea and Vomiting

Vascular complications are very easy to confuse with gastritis or exacerbation of ulcers, symptoms of which are nausea and vomiting. The fact is that lower part of heart is located close to stomach, so symptoms can be deceptive and even resemble food poisoning.

Osteochondrosis-Like Pain

Pain between shoulder blades, in the neck, left arm, shoulder, wrist, even in jaw can be a sure sign not only of osteochondrosis or myositis, but also heart problems.

Symptom of cardiac angina may be appearance of such symptoms after physical exertion or emotional shocks. If pain occurs even during rest and after application of special cardiac drugs — such symptom may indicate approach of heart attack.

Chest Pain

Feeling of burning and squeezing, obvious, dull, strong or periodic pain, spasm — all these sensations in the chest are the most sure obvious of cardiac problems. In case of spasm of coronary vessels, pain is burning and sharp, which is a sign of cardiac angina, which often occurs even at rest, for example at night. Attack of cardiac angina is forerunner of myocardial infarction and ischemic heart disease (IHD).

Strong prolonged pain behind sternum, radiating in shoulder, neck and back is characteristic of developing myocardial infarction. Pain in the chest with myocardial infarction is extremely strong, up to loss of consciousness. By the way, one of the most common causes of myocardial infarction is coronary artery atherosclerosis.

Pain in the chest, radiating in back, neck, pelvic area is a symptom of aneurism or aortic dissection.

Dull and wavy pain in heart area, which does not spread to other areas of the body, on the background of rise in temperature indicates development of pericarditis.

However, acute chest pain can also indicates other diseases, for example, be a symptom of intercostal neuralgia, shingles, radiculitis in the neck or chest, spontaneous pneumothorax or spasm of esophagus.

Strong Heartbeat

Strong palpitation can occur at increased physical exertion, as a result of emotional excitement of a person or because of overeating. But strong palpitation very often is an early forerunner of diseases of cardiovascular system.

Heart Diseases Prevention

Strong palpitation is manifested as a feeling of failure in work of heart, it seems that heart almost «jumps out» from chest or freezes. Attacks may be accompanied by weakness, discomfort in heart, fainting.

Such symptoms can speak of tachycardia, cardiac angina, cardiac insufficiency, impaired blood supply to organs.

If you have at least one of these symptoms, Canadian Healthcare Mall strongly advises not to delay contacting your doctor and undergoing examination that will reveal true causes of cardiovascular diseses. One of the most effective methods of treating any disease is its early diagnosis and timely prevention.

Canadian Health and Care Mall: High Cholesterol Level

Question: «What to do with high cholesterol?» is asked by many patients and this can be understood. After all, the higher cholesterol level in blood, the higher the risk of getting such formidable complications of atherosclerosis as myocardial infarction or blood stroke.

So what if you have high cholesterol? Very often on websites people ask questions about what to do if cholesterol is 7,8 or 5,8 or 6,4. Canadian Health and Care Mall answers — if cholesterol figures exceed 9 — 10 mmol/l, then at the beginning of treatment radical procedures may be required — plasmapheresis; if level of total cholesterol is lower, non-medicamental measures and taking certain drugs are usually sufficient.


At present, for healthy people, target level of total cholesterol should be less than 5,2 mmol/l, for «heart patients» — less than 4,2 mmol/l. Another indicator — coefficient of atherogenicity or atrogenity index, should be below 3,0.

According to latest Canadian Health&Care Mall recommendations, level of LDL requires special attention — it must be at least less than 3,0 mmol/l, and in patients with increased risk less than 2,0 mmol/l.

If your indicators (first, second or both) do not fit into the norm, you need to take measures!

So, you learned that you have high cholesterol, what you should do first?

Recommendations for High Cholesterol Treatment

1. Make Sure that Test was Made Correctly

Especially it concerns those cases, when high cholesterol is noted in young patients. And although modern methods of analysis exclude influence of human factor, inaccuracies still occur. Also, in order not to distort results of the study, you need to remember that blood should be given on an empty stomach, the last meal should be at least 12 hours before blood is taken.

2. Start Non-Medicamental Treatment

Increase level of physical activity, thus, your high cholesterol will partially go to recovery needs of the body.

Reduce intake of cholesterol from food — in the first place, exclude fats of animal origin.

If you have high cholesterol, it is important to increase intake of foods rich in fiber, which allows to adsorb fats from gastrointestinal tract, thereby preventing their entry into blood.

3. After 3 — 6 Months, Tepeat Blood Test

If you face the fact that level of cholesterol remains high on the background of rigid diet, you probably wonder «Why?», «Where does it come from?». The fact is that half of cholesterol is synthesized by liver, processing fats of blood and adipose tissue — this is a waste-free production with large «raw material reserves». Therefore, if you completely exclude reception of cholesterol from outside, its reserves will last for a long time. Therefore, if 3 — 6 months of non-drug treatment have not given any results, then besides all these measures, pay attention: to them, not — instead (!), drug from the group of statins is prescribed — it is suppresses synthesis of cholesterol by liver.

Note! The drug is prescribed only by doctor!

In a number of cases, drug treatment of high cholesterol begins immediately (without waiting for 3 — 6 months) if patient initially belonged to a high-risk group, namely he has one or more of the following conditions:

  • ischemic heart disease (statins are mandatory for life!);
  • hypertensive illness (in some cases);
  • heredity;
  • smoking;
  • diabetes;
  • age over 75 years;
  • obesity.

4. If High Cholesterol Required Medication

it is necessary to make blood test for the so-called liver tests — ALT, AST and bilirubin before treatment starts. As you know, statins can somewhat accelerate death of liver cells. To some extent, such sacrifice is justified, because liver has very powerful regenerative abilities, and there is a fair amount of truth in the «Legend of Prometheus». But heart, unfortunately, is not at all capable of restoring dead cells (cardiomyocytes), so of two evils choose the least. So which «evil» is the least is judged on level of ALT and AST.

5. Repeat Test Again after 6 Months

If cholesterol is not high, it has returned to normal, in some cases break in treatment can be made for 3 — 6 months, after which control test is performed. If everything returns to «its own», treatment is resumed and carried out for life, if not, then you can cope with diet and monitor the situation.

If, however, cholesterol remains high on the background of treatment, then increase in drug dosage or addition of another group of drugs — fibrates — is required. Which way will be chosen depends on many points, so decision is made individually.High-Cholesterol

If, in spite of all measures (non-medicamental, dosage increase and combination of medicines) target level is not reached, this sometimes happens, then there is nothing to be done. In such cases, treatment is considered «successful» if level of total cholesterol and LDL has decreased by at least 50% from baseline.

Please note that if necessary, taking drugs that lower cholesterol can last for life and without any «breaks»!

In conclusion, it should be said that self-medication, as well as delays, can harm your health and make it much more difficult for doctor to work, so spend an hour or two on consultation than later — weeks to eliminate consequences of unsuccessful self-treatment.

Treatment at Any Time with Canadian Health&Care Mall

Due to environmental pollution, all of us sooner or later go to the hospital or pharmacy. Reasons for this are various, ranging from vitamin deficiency and allergies and ending with chronic or post-traumatic disorders. Everyone who visited pharmacies knows how things are going there with queues and waiting, but now it all came to an end, thanks to online pharmacies, such as Canadian Healthcare Mall.

Advantages without Disadvantages

Our online pharmacy is a service, where you can find and order absolutely any drug, cosmetic product or products for medical use that you need. No more queues and unprofessional pharmacists, everything is of very high quality, reliably and quickly. Available in our pharmacy medications can be checked with the help of special medicinal catalogs or by using intuitive search, which in seconds will give you desired medication, its cost and instructions for use, as well as other various useful information.

Besides in our online drugstore you can buy necessary meds without scripts. Yes, this means that in our Canadian online pharmacy we require no proir prescription to provide with a drug. We understand tat sometimes there is just no thime and opportunity to visit doctor and obtain rx.

Canadian Health&Care Mall pharmacy of futureWhat else could you ask for? By the way, prices for any drug will very pleasantly surprise you, prices for medications in Canadian Health&Care Mall are much lower than in regular places on the market or in the street. Ordering process is very simple and even a child can handle it. It is enough to visit website of such a resource, find pharmaceutical products and click «buy», and that is all, choose payment method and in shortest possible time you will get the order. A more convenient and practical service does not exist, especially if there is no opportunity to go out because of disease recrudescence. Canadian Health and Care Mall website provides everything necessary for consumers convenience.

Apply to Pharmacists

If you have any questions about medications assortment, service or payment, you can always ask administration or consultants in our online Canadian pharmacy. You can find e-mail addresses and other contacts on Contact Us page. Qualified online pharmacists around the clock will try to answer all your questions and solve problems with website navigation. Of course, you can order delivery service for medication you ordered. Depending on order amount you can get free delivery or will have to pay for it. More high-quality and reliable service could not be found.

Trust, Reliability, Stability

If you are not satisfied or worried by reviews about our online pharmacy in the Internet, always tell us the truth. Only customers who have already evaluated all comforts of our service leave feedback. The thing is that such «stores» are relatively new for us and therefore distrust to them is completely justified. But there is no reason to worry about, such pharmacies as Canadian HealthCare Mall covers large territory and its specialists are interested in providing everyone with what they ordered.

Another big plus of Canadian Pharmacy Mall is round-the-clock working hours. You can order medication early in the morning, for example at 3 am, with what most modern pharmacies «in the building» cannot boast.

Our best online pharmacy in Canada is daily replenished with new pharmaceutical products to provide the widest choice of therapeutic agents. Actually, everything is obvious, online pharmacies is our future!

5 Common Mistakes in Common Cold Treatment

Main symptoms of common cold are:

  • sore throat;
  • runny nose;
  • watery eyes, pain in the eyes (at the beginning of the disease);
  • headache;
  • cough;
  • fatigue.

General information about common cold

Common cold, vs flu, develops gradually: first tickle in the throat appears, but people are still not sure, whether they are sick or not. Then there is runny nose, sneezing, then cough appears in a few days. Body temperatures may not increase or increase slightly – to 37,5 – 38 degrees. These are the main common cold stages.

After undertreated cold feet otitis media may appear – inflammation of ear, or sinusitis – inflammation of paranasal sinuses. But in general complications of cold in people with strong immune system are rare.

For Your Reference…
Acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) is a viral disease affecting mucosa of upper respiratory tract. Popularly referred to as «common cold». Scientists count more than 200 respiratory viruses. The most common are parainfluenza, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses… Infection is transmitted mainly by airborne transmission. The source of infection is a sick person. Penetrating upper respiratory tract, virus invades cells of mucosa outer layer, causing their destruction and exfoliating. Exfoliated cells containing virus are rejected and with breathing, talking, coughing, sneezing with droplets of saliva, sputum or nasal mucus, get into air, infecting people breathing this air. Vaccinations against ARVI do not exist. It is impossible to create such a vaccine because of large number of respiratory viruses that are constantly changing.

Did You Know that…
Indoors ARVI viruses spread around sick person for 7 m. They live in the room air where patient is from 2 to 9 hours. Viruses are resistant to freezing, but die quickly when heated, under the influence of various disinfectants and ultraviolet rays.

The highest concentration of viruses in the air around patient – the first two days of illness.

Interesting Facts…
Different viruses cause different symptoms.

For example, parainfluenza distorts voice, patient can become hoarse or voice may even disappear. Parainfluenza is also characterized by «barking» cough, causes inflammation of larynx and trachea. Body temperatures in this case may not increase. It is this disease that is more often than others complicated by sinusitis.

Rhinovirus infection causes constant sneezing, dry nose and throat, scratchy throat. It hurts to swallow, unpleasant taste appears in the mouth. A little later, clear abundant mucus from the nose appears. Body temperature is usually not higher than 37 degrees.

Adenovirus infection results in increase of tonsils, in case of this «cold» it is difficult to swallowing. After 2 – 3 days there is a feeling of smarting eyes. After another couple of days on tonsils, throat, under eyelids around eyes white or grayish film appear. Lymph nodes can increase, there are stomach aches.

Respiratory syncytial infection «occupies» bronchi and bronchioles. Symptoms – asthma attacks with shortness of breath, difficulties with exhaling, wheezing in lungs.

Basic Mistakes in Treatment

Mistake №1 – suffer disease «on feet». When there is no power, everything goes wrong and it is necessary to rest in warmth, many are trying to live in their normal regimen, go to work and do not forget about their housework, ignoring the fact that if begin to treat cold in time and properly, it can disappear in two days. But if you suffer the disease on your feet, you will be down with cold anyway, but for a long time – with high fever and complications.

Mistake №2 – abuse of medications. To «black out» the disease, we sometimes are ready to take any drug. But it is known that if one takes two different drug, risk of their unpredictable interaction is amounts 10%, three drugs – 50%, using more than five drugs – up to 90%.

So the fewer medications you take, the safer (and cheaper) the treatment is. Many overadvertised drugs only relieve common cold symptoms – reduce temperature, pain, but do not eliminate cause of the disease.

Mistake №3 – not reading instructions. On various people Canadian Healthcare Mall drugs act in different ways, that is why it is important to carefully read instructions, study possible side effects and comply with dosage. If, after taking the drug you have urticaria fever, itching or rash, then having taken it in 2 3 months you can get shock reaction. It is also important to remember that asthmatics should not take aspirin and analgin – they can cause bronchospasm. Paracetamol drugs are contraindicated to people whose liver is damaged (jaundice, hepatitis, cholecystitis). Instructions to all modern drugs contain period for OTC reception. They must not be exceeded!

Mistake №4 – receiving Canadian Health&Care Mall antibiotics. According to various studies, 20 – 50% of cases of antibiotic treatment of acute respiratory disease is unreasonable. Senseless and uncontrolled use of Canadian antibiotics is dangerous because main strains of pathogens become more resistant to these drugs, and when antibiotic is really necessary, it is, alas, does not work.

On the other hand, if there were complications of common cold – quinsy or pneumonia, you can do without antibiotics any more. But they should be appointed by doctor!Common Cold (ARVI)Mistake №5 – home remedies are considered harmless. Often at common cold it is recommended to gargle with chamomile and calendula – indeed, it is quite effective means. But, if a person is allergic to flowers and pollen, sore throat from these means can only intensify. There are people who can not tolerate raspberries (rash appears). So, in order to prevent allergic reaction, they should not brew even raspberry leaf – recognized anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic means. It is important to correctly diagnose: you may think that you have «just» a cough, and really you already have pneumonia.

If you treat cold with home remedies and do not feel improvement in 2 – 3 days, contact your doctor to get a prescription for Canadian Pharmacy Mall drugs.

5 Most Important Rules of how to be Beautiful, Healthy and Slim EVER Given by Canadian Health and Care Mall

5 Most Important Rules of how to be Beautiful, Healthy and Slim EVER Given by Canadian Health and Care Mall

Absolutely every person always wants to be healthy, beautiful and slim. Health is not always good, and over time it tends to get lost even more, as well, and everything else. But man, fortunately, has ability to carry out preventive maintenance for conservation of these three qualities, strengthen them and improve.

Health, of course, is not always possible to return, but beauty and harmony are possible, with certain rules and effort. So, we present you the 5 rules of how to be healthy, beautiful and slim forever!

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